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    22 February 2019   -   13:56

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Democratic Youth demands end of Moroccan colonial occupation of Western Sahara

More than 600 young people, representing many youth organizations, participated a protest march, organized by the representative of the ANC Youth League, starting from Union Building in Pretoria to Ferndole Street where the Embassy of the Moroccan kingdom is situated. More ..

Decolonization issue referred to UNSC

The participants of Algiers International Conference expressed their concern over the impunity with which the occupying powers are pursuing their aggression and called upon the UN Security Council to exercise its responsibilities in this regard. More ..

President Abdelaziz briefs heads of member States in UN on Moroccan crimes in Gdeim Izik

The President of the Saharawi Republic, Mohamed Abdelaziz, sent a letter to the Heads of members States in the UN, briefing them on the crimes committed by the Moroccan army against Saharawi citizens in Gdeim Izik camp. More ..

“Sun, sea, sand and torture”: launch of the “Don’t Go To Morocco” campaign

Following the Moroccan government’s announcement last Tuesday that it plans to double its tourism in the next 10 years activists today launched a new campaign to highlight human rights abuses in Western Sahara and to boycott holidaying in Morocco. More ..

First Sahara Wikileak leak: Sarkozy inked deal with OCP

First cable from US embassy mentions 3 billion Euro deals for Sarkozy, as French Western Sahara policy leans towards Moroccan position. Among the agreements signed by Sarkozy More ..

European banks divest from unethical Sahara fertiliser industry

At least six Scandinavian investors have the last few years divested from international fertiliser firms importing from occupied Western Sahara. More ..

SADR and El Salvador establish diplomatic relations at ambassadorial level

The Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) and El Salvador have agreed to establish diplomatic relations at ambassadorial level. It was announced Monday in a joint statement, following .. More ..

Western Sahara: international community urged to put pressure on Morocco to recognize its crimes

The participants in the international parliamentary conference, held on the sidelines of 35th anniversary of the creation of Sahrawi National Council, urged the international community to exert pressure on Morocco .. More ..

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