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    22 February 2019   -   14:05

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After four days disappearence Mustapha Abdaiem found in the new prison in Sale, without the help of the Moroccan authorities

Four days after his kidnapping by Moroccan authorities from his cell in the prison of Tiznit, the Saharawi political prisoner and writer, Mustapha Abdaiem, was found by his family on Wednesday morning in the new prison in Sale... More ..

Moroccan authorities kidnap Saharawi writer and political prisoner from his cell in Tiznit Prison

The family of the Saharawi writer and political prisoner, Mustapha Abdaiem, inforemed today that their son has been kidnapped Saturday early morning from his cell by quards to be transferred to an unknown place. More ..

Sahrawi human rights activist confirms she was exposed to torture and ill-treatment

Sahrawi defender of human rights Izzana Amidan, 31, confirmed, in an audio testimony after she was provisionally released Monday, she was tortured and ill-treated. More ..

Arrested President of the Saharawi Committee for Protection of Natural

Sidahmed Lemjiyed, President of the Saharawi Committee for Protection of Natural Resources (CSPRON) was arrested on Dec. 25 in El Aaiun, based on arrest orders issued by the General Prosecutor.. More ..

Sahrawi political detainee Yahya Mohamed Hafed transferred to hospital in Agadir

Ait Mellul prison management in the city of Agadir transferred Tuesday Sahrawi defender of human rights Yahya Mohamed Hafed Izza to the hospital, after his health was deteriorated .. More ..

Democratic Youth demands end of Moroccan colonial occupation of Western Sahara

More than 600 young people, representing many youth organizations, participated a protest march, organized by the representative of the ANC Youth League, starting from Union Building in Pretoria to Ferndole Street where the Embassy of the Moroccan kingdom is situated. More ..

Decolonization issue referred to UNSC

The participants of Algiers International Conference expressed their concern over the impunity with which the occupying powers are pursuing their aggression and called upon the UN Security Council to exercise its responsibilities in this regard. More ..

“Sun, sea, sand and torture”: launch of the “Don’t Go To Morocco” campaign

Following the Moroccan government’s announcement last Tuesday that it plans to double its tourism in the next 10 years activists today launched a new campaign to highlight human rights abuses in Western Sahara and to boycott holidaying in Morocco. More ..

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