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    21 April 2019   -   21:03

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Tiris musical group performs in Molmo Festival in Sweden




The musical group of Tiris, which arrived to Copenhagen (Denmark) on Wednesday, moved Thursday to Sweden, where the group was invited by the organisers of the annual festival of music in Malmo.

The group performed for an hour and half presenting some of their songs, moving from the traditional dances and songs to their modern songs included in their CD, “Sandtraks”.

The Swedish audience was very interested in this African music, which is a fusion between the traditional Saharawi music, national songs and innovative experiment of a Saharawi group that starts to build an international profile.

The two Saharawi vocalists, Shweta and Mufid, surprised the audience with their powerful and deep voices, and succeeded to attract their attention.

The group, which arrived to Denmark on Wednesday will tour the Scandinavian country and still have four concerts to present in three Danish cities, Copenhagen, Asaa and Follenslev, and will also organise a workshop in the World Cultural Centre.

The concert was attended by the representative of POLISARIO Front in Denmark, Abba Malainin, and the Secretary General of the Saharawi Journalists and Writers Union, besides representatives of the World Culture Centre, the hosting organiser of Tiris tour in Denmark.

Tiris tours Denmark following an invitation from the World Culture Centre, the Danish Support Committee for Western Sahara and the Danish Centre for Culture and Development.

Tiris is a group of Saharawi artists living in the refugee camps. They chose to name their band after a region in Western Sahara, historically known as the land of saints and resistance to invasions.

The group sings for the freedom of the colonised Western Sahara. “We express our concern about the situation lived by our people, we express our attachment to the freedom of our beloved homeland, we sing for resistance, for independence, for pride and we sing for the Saharawi heroes and heroines who refuse to submit to oppression, to torture and to intimidation in the occupied territories of Western Sahara”, Belil Embarek Bauda, the group’s organist player said.

“Our songs in their majority reflect our political and human concerns as part of a colonised small nation, living in refugee camps and struggling to survive and to get their right. We found that through music and culture a lot can be said”, he further added.

Upon their arrival, the group was contacted by Mr. Malte Vuorela, from the Danish National Radio, who accompanied the members of the group in their first hours in Denmark sharing with them few moments of rest after a long trip from the refugee camps.

The Danish journalist will broadcast a special programme about Tiris music and engagement in the Danish National Radio programme, Cultural Night, on Friday afternoon.



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