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Mohamed VI will abandon the reign




Moroccan website, Hespress, interviewed the Spanish journalist and correspondent of Spanish daily “El Imparcial” in Rabat, Pedro Canales, about the latest problems of power in the Moroccan kingdom.

The Spanish journalists believes that the Moroccan king may abandon the reign because of his incompetence and weakness.

Here is a non-official translation of the the full text of the interview:

Mohamed VI will abandon the reign

Question - You have published recently an article in El Imparcial related to the long absence of the King Mohamed VI and you gave some explanations to this absence far from what has been reported by the Moroccan press. Do you have any further details?

Answer - In my article, that you mentioned, I reflected the preoccupations of some western powers due to the long absence of the Mohamed VI. As you know, in the Moroccan political system, the King plays a great executive role …

Q - (Interrupting) what are the facts which incited you to say that Mohamed VI abandoned his authority and left the country for one month?

A - The King has left his country for thirty days and everything seemed stagnant. The Ministry Council that adopts executive decisions did not hold its meetings. In other countries the executive power is shared by many institutions; thus the absence of the King for many weeks is not something normal.

Q - Do you have some information that could support what you said in you article that Mohamed VI abandoned his large executives prerogatives?

A - First, the dates of meetings and the international obligations that Morocco promised to attend and did not do; such as, the summit between Mohamed VI and the Spanish Prime Minister, the visit to Egypt… this pushed us to say the authority is undergoing a winter period and the great issues remain waiting.

Q - If what you said is true, what could be the reasons?

A - In this respect, we have hypothesis and not facts to explain the behavior of Mohamed VI. This can not prevent us to say that he does not play his role as the head of the State without mentioning his role as the Commander of the Believers or the King of Morocco. For me, the reasons of his absence, perhaps the king is overtaken by some events and he is not relaxed in his role as a Head of the State or he has some family problems.

Q - Family problems like what?

A - I think he could be in short of the support of the rest of the Royal Family and he fears the negative reactions of his bother (the Prince Rachid) and his cousin (the Prince Hicham).

Q - (interrupting) Do you mean that he lacks self-confidence?

A - Of course, if he had had self-confidence, he could have taken some measures before leaving the country such as delegating some authorities to other institutions.

Q - You stated in your article that some important funds are smuggled from Morocco; what are the facts that make you certain of that?

A - I have a reliable information regarding funds that are being smuggled from Morocco just about a year ago.

Q - Do you have figures of these amounts?

A - These amount in cash and other transferred values.

Q - Do you have any estimated figures?

A - The estimated figure is about two billion dollars but it does not reflect the true amount that has been smuggled.

Q - Do you know those who smuggle funds?

A - I don’t have names but the information I have regards important personalities in the State.

Q - Are they close to the king?

A - Not personalities from the direct surrounding of the king but related to the apparatuses of the State on higher levels.

Q -You mean higher officials in the State?

A - Yes.

Q - Don’t you have any names?

A - Given that the information concerning the identities is not confirmed, I prefer not to go far in this issue.

Q - Or you don’t want to reveal the names!

A - (after a moment of silence) yes I don’t want to reveal them.

Q - You mentioned in your article that there was a meeting between CIA and some Moroccan Generals during the absence of Mohamed VI, what are the details about this meeting?

A - The sources who provided me with the information did not give enough clarifications. But what I am sure of is that the American intelligence services are worrying about the near future of Morocco.

Q - What are the reasons of this American worry?

A - The destabilization of the political system in Morocco will greatly affect the area and the western entrance of the Mediterranean Sea which is considered a strategic point for the West and so there is worry related to what happens in Morocco.

Q - You wrote that the French president Nicolas Sarkozy tried in vain to convince Mohamed VI to return back to Morocco when he was in the his private residence in Paris. What are the facts that make you sure of that?

A - The meeting between the French president and Mohamed VI happened…

Q - But what make you say that the King did not want to return back to Morocco?

A - (he laughed) he was not warm, at that moment, towards the idea of Sarkozy to return back.

Q - Why?

A - Perhaps for the same motives we have already talked about.

Q - What do you mean?

A - He is not at ease with the role of the head of the State or he is not willing to exercise the tasks attributed to him or he is thinking of other solutions …

Q - Other solutions, like what?

A - Abandon the reign for instance.

Q - Abandon the reign!

A - Yes.

Q - Abandon the reign to whom?

A - To his brother Rachid for example or other solutions as establishing a trusteeship on the reign by the Council of the Crown till his son Hassan reached the legal age. The important is that a solution must be found for the problem of the unwillingness of the King to reign.

Q - You joined the idea of the French journalist Jean Pierre Tuquoi who wrote the Last King, is that true?

A - Yes, Jean Pierre Tuquoi has raised the same problems. But I am dealing now with facts that are happening now and not with historical hypothesis.

Q - You are talking as if you have confirmed facts.

A - Yes.