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AWSA celebrates the 32nd anniversary of Saharawi Republic




The 32nd anniversary of the proclamation of the Saharawi Republic was celebrated in Melbourne with a party at an Ethiopian restaurant called The Horn, with the participation of Maria Vamvakinou, Australian Liberal Member of Parliament.

Mrs. Vamvakinou opened proceedings, in the presence of the Polisario Front representative in Australia and New Zealand, Kamal Fadel, pledging her support for the Saharawi cause and expressing optimism that like many other long-running struggles, a solution would come.

Nobody knew when apartheid would end in South Africa, but they kept working towards that goal and reached it. Western Sahara will one day get their vote of self-determination like East Timor did, she said, adding that "We will never give up, because we know where justice lies".

Kamal Fadel thanked Mrs Vamvakinou for her support in the Australian parliament and also the Australia-Western Sahara Association for organising this event and for their work for Western Sahara in Australia.

"The Saharawi people have lived through 32 years of suffering and hardship both in the refugee camps and in the occupied territories, but they have also used the time in exile to great advantage. They have built a state which is a fully fledged member of the African Union and recognised by 82 countries world-wide. They have created institutions which are ready to go as soon as they gain independence. The Saharawi Republic has an elected president, an elected parliament, local administration structures and participation in government at grass-roots level. Women are given a full role at all levels”, kamal said.

The Saharawi diplomat asserted that “there are many Saharawis trained at high levels of education to offer necessary expertise to Saharawi society. We need to be proud of these achievements and ensure that the suffering of the Saharawi people will soon come to an end”.