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The Saharawi Consultative Council elects its new bureau




The Saharawi Consultative Council elected on Wednesday its new Bureau during its first meeting after the congress of POLISARIO Front last December, and adopted many decisions and letters.

The new elected President of the Council is Mr. Mohamed Mohamed Mouloud Abba Ali, to succeed to the former President, Mbarek Lehbib.

The session also elected the following members of the Bureau: Sidha Ahmed Ghardou, Sidia Yehdih Abeilil, Mbarek Lehbib, Salama Amaisa, Ahmed Kmach, Salek Abd Samad, Mahjub Haimadaha and Mohamed Ali Sid Bachir.

The meeting, which took place under the chairmanship of the President of the Saharawi Republic, Mohamed Andelaziz, also adopted some decisions, a final communiqué and letters to international organizations and personalities.

The Saharawi Consultative Council gathers Saharawi notables and is a sort of Council of wise that have a moral authority and influence in the Saharawi society.