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POLISARIO’s final statement after the end of the third round of negotiations in Manhasset




The Third round of direct negotiations between POLISARIO Front and Morocco under the auspices of the UN finished Wednesday evening (New York Time) with an agreement to hold a fourth round in the near future.

POLISARIO Front negotiating team issued a public statement on the talks, of which UPES received a copy:


The delegation of the Frente POLISARIO came to the third round of negotiations with a clear mandate from the 12th Congress that confirmed the seriousness and responsibility that have always characterised our attitude as to the exigencies of peace.

This third round was important and useful. It was an opportunity for consolidating all the clarifications that were raised in Manhasset I and II, and constituted an illumination for all the stages still to go through during this year in order to achieve the mandate established by the Security Council resolutions 1754 and 1783, namely to reach a mutually acceptable political solution that provides for the self-determination of the people of the western Sahara.

This round of Manhasset III was dedicated to the discussion of confidence-building measures and the implementation of the aforementioned resolutions of the Security Council as well as the subject relating to the administration of the territory, taking into account the fact that there are two proposals of the parties on the table of negotiations of which the Council has duly taken note.

The Sahrawi delegation reiterated its commitment to a free and fair self-determination referendum submitting to the freely expressed will of the Sahrawi people the options of independence defended by the Frente POLISARIO and autonomy proposed by Morocco.

The Sahrawi delegation also reaffirmed once again its will to engage with the Moroccan side in adopting the confidence-building measures that should necessarily include arrangements for ensuring the protection of human rights in the territories under Moroccan occupation. The Sahrawi delegation considers that, by virtue of the principle of responsibility of protection, MINURSO should be given the necessary resources to contribute to the protection of human rights in its mission’s zone.

The Sahrawi delegation welcomes the scheduling of a fourth round of negotiations with a view to achieving the objective of engaging in a substantial negotiation that the Security Council has called for. It calls on the Moroccan side to abandon the policy of fait accompli and to renounce its will to impose a unilateral solution. It also calls on the Moroccan side to join the international community in the genuine search for a solution in conformity with the international legality and the UN doctrine relating to decolonization.

The Frente POLISARIO and the Government of the SADR will spare no effort to support the efforts deployed by the UN Secretary-General and his Personal Envoy in this regard.

Manhasset, 9 January 2008