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Moroccan ex-spy, Hicham Bouchta: They were planning to assassinate Lemrabet




Moroccan ex-spy, Hicham Bouchta, now imprisoned in Berkane (Morocco), decided to unveil a secret according to which the Moroccan secret services, and Mr. Fouad Ali Lhima, Moroccan Secretary of State for Interior, were planning to assassinate the Moroccan famous journalist, Ali Lemrabet.

The Moroccan spy affirmed during an interview published by the Moroccan weekly, El Mechaal, that the strong man of the Moroccan Palace, who was then Secretary of State for Interior, had asked him to give interviews to Moroccan newspapers "Maroc Hebdo" and “El Ahdath AlMaghribia” (both close to the Moroccan services according to many specialist of the Moroccan press) with a view to launch a campaign of defamation against the Moroccan journalist, Ali Lemrabet.

Bouchta openly accused Fouad Ali Lhima of having planned a political assassination against Lemrabet.

Here is an extract from the interview Bouchta gave to El Mechaal, translated by UPES:
This is how they planned to assassinate Lemrabet

El Mechaal : Why did they charge you of watching Lemrabet ?

Hicahm Bouchta : They asked me to watch him with a view to prepare for his assassination.

E. M : You said assassination?

H.B : Yes! The goal was to prepare the suitable conditions to assassinate him.

E. M : What did the Moroccan services exactly asked you to do?

H.B : They asked me to provide them with information on Lemrabet. But as soon as I came back from France to Madrid I informed the journalist during a phone call, without hesitation. On his side, Lemrabet informed Antonio Rubio from the Spanish newspaper "El Mundo", and they both informed the Spanish services. After that, a dossier was deposited at the Spanish court, and this is what created many problems to me, because the Moroccan secret services called me and forced me to immediately return to Morocco after threatening me.

E. M : You said that it was all about "assassinating Lemrabet", how did you know that they were preparing to assassinate him? Were you informed by a member of these services with whom you were in contact?

H.B : In France the Head of the Moroccan services asked me to watch the journalist Ali Lemrabet knowing the good relation I had with the latter. The Head of the service said to me then: "You must watch him, inform us about everything, we want you to tell us where he goes, the persons he meets, who are those he works with, where does he live, all the places he visits, he is a traitor and must be eliminated, and he literally used «must be eliminated»

E.M: This meeting was in France, how much time did you spend in France?

H.B : Yes! The conversation abut Ali Lemrabet was in France, in Paris, precisely where I spent two weeks before the services ordered me to return to Spain.

E.M: You told me that the agents of the Moroccan services gave you an invitation so as to meet a French agent, can you explain this?

H.B: After having finished speaking about Ali Lemrabet and what I have to do, they gave me an «invitation» to meet a French agent and I gave a copy of it to Ali Lemrabet.

E.M: But why this invitation?

H.B: It is because I said that I did not trust the French, for this they organised this meeting to comfort me. I effectively received this invitation and I went to the address I got, I remember it was in the 12th District in Paris where I found two persons in civilian clothes.
During the first meeting the French did not mention the subject; they even did not allow me to share their conversations, and when I told a Moroccan agent after that, he said: «don’t take care».

E.M : Who are the agents you met?

H.B : One called Khalil and another whose name is Taqi, as well as a Spanish agent, José Manolo.