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Human rights NGO: Moroccan police exercise rape and sexual harassment on Saharawi detainee




The Organisation against Torture in the occupied city of Dajla (OTD) unveiled yesterday the names of Moroccan police and secret services officers who exercise rape and sexual harassment on Saharawi detainee to blackmail them in the future.

The NGO denounced in a press release what it described as a “systematic and deliberate use of sexual harassment and rape” exercised by the Moroccan colonial authorities against the Saharawis arrested during peaceful demonstrations.

“A group of Moroccan criminals, including some police and secret services officers, the Governor of the occupied city of Dajla, and the Pacha of the city adopt a barbarous policy against the Saharawi citizens based on expulsion of citizens or pushing them to flee the territory because of persecution, dismissal from work, threats and intimidations and rape which is used as a social and psychological means to put pressure” on the victims.

The organisation gave as an example the case of a young Saharawi, Mr. Khalihina Cheij El Mahjoub, born in 1985, who was arrested in June 2005, and was exposed to torture for 12 hours “when his family found him in hospital he was completely broken and mentally disturbed”, the press release stressed.

The young man has been raped during the detention with bottles apparently, and he was accusing some well known Moroccan torturers, already accused in many cases of torture.

He tried to make suicide many times after that experience, and became a wonderer and a problem for his family and for the city, the press release added.

The Moroccan criminals are: Abdellatif Bahri, Qassem, Khaled Qaidouni, Hamid, Abdesslam, Aanab Abderrahman, Issa, and many other Moroccan officials and police officers are implicated in these crimes.

The Saharawi organisation called on the international community, the UN and international human rights organisations to intervene so as to help in the protection of the Saharawi citizens.