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POLISARIO condemns Moroccan harassment of two Scandinavian politicians in occupied El Aaiun




POLISARIO Front representative in Scandinavian countries condemned Moroccan arrest of two Scandinavian young politicians who were undertaking a visit to the occupied zone of Western Sahara.

Here is the complete text of a press release by the POLISARIO Representation in Scandinavian countries:


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Y.Lamine Polisario representative

On Tuesday, the Moroccan authorities detained Two young persons from the Nordic Countries Andrea Gustavsson, Swedish citizen and Kamilla Eidsvik, Norwegian citizen in El Aaiun in the occupied territories of Western Sahara, and they have been interrogated by the Moroccan police .

The Polisario Front condemned in most strongest term the Moroccan gangsters behavior which reflects the implementation of a strategy of siege imposed on the occupied territories Western Sahara, and depriving the world from knowing the Moroccan wrong doing, totally in violation of human right, Morocco has for a very long time carried a policy of : abductions, murder, systematic torture, forced displacement, arbitrary arrest of individuals, families and groups, ransacked homes, destroyed property, slaughtered cattle, all of this exercised against the rights of unarmed innocent Saharawi civilians, in addition to deprivation of the political and civil rights, suppression of freedoms and the prevention of association and peaceful assembly, and other economic, social and cultural rights.

Morocco has expelled from the occupied territories journalists, MPs, lawyer, trade unionist, NGOs, human right activist, and denied access to the territories for MEPs, MPs, regional and local politician and diplomats .

It becomes imperative that international community assume its full responsibly and ensure that the occupied territories must be open to visitors, mass medias, observers, politician and secure the safety of the Saharawi civilian .And put pressure on Morocco to release all Saharawi political detainees which are more 60 persons, Ensure the right of the Saharawi people to self-determination and Expand MINURSO mandate to be able to observe of the human rights state in the territory .

We call upon on Europe to use its influence on Morocco to cease the violation of human right in the occupied Western Sahara .

Yahiaoui Lamine
Polisario Chief-representative
For the Nordic Countries