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American citizens and Saharawi children rally in front of the White House
27/07/2007- APS




American citizens coming from different States and cities of the country, militants in favour of the Saharawi cause, representatives of the civil society, and human rights NGOs as well as Saharawi refugee children gathered on Thursday morning in front of the White House in Washington, to express their solidarity with the Saharawi people’s struggle for independence and denounce the Moroccan occupation and obstruction of the Moroccan State.

The rally took place at the Lafayette Palace, the militants of the Saharawi cause, young Saharawi living in the USA or Saharawi children in vacation on the initiative of the US Western Sahara Foundation, but also Congressmen, representatives of associations and scholars, spoke one after the other in front of the demonstrators to support the Saharawi struggle.

US Ambassador Frank Ruddy, former Coordinator of the MINURSO, Janet Lenz, organiser for more than a decade of the Saharawi refugee children’s Program in the USA, the scholar Maria Stephan, the former assistant congressman and Lawyer, Gare Smith and Mrs. Suzanne Scholte, President of the US Western Sahara Foundation and other speakers reviewed the Saharawi people’s resistance and struggle for independence and freedom.

In the presence of the POLISARIO Front’s representative in Washington, Mouloud Said, the American speakers called on the administration of US President, George W. Bush, two weeks from the second round of negotiations between POLISARIO Front and Morocco, planed for this August 10 and 11 in Manhasset, near New York, to support legality in Africa’s last colony.

“This is a united, one day show of love and support for the Saharawi,” said Janet Lenz.

“The Saharawis have waited for over 30 years for the right to vote, “said Suzanne Scholte, Chairman of the US-Western Sahara Foundation. “We hope that this focus on their plight will encourage the Bush administration and the Congress to promote a resolution to this conflict through the long promised referendum.”

According to rally organizer, Barry Campbell, American citizens from Wisconsin, Michigan, North Carolina, and other states travelled to Washington, D.C. to take part in the rally and the day’s events, which included visits to Congressional offices and a Congressional reception.

“We want to be their voice,” said Campbell, who has travelled to the refugee camps on numerous occasions.