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Italy recognises Polisario representation as an official diplomatic mission




The Italian government will become the first European country to recognise the POLISARIO Frontís representation as an official diplomatic mission, in a resolution adopted by the Italian Parliament on Thursday.

The Italian Parliament, which was holding its 188 session broadcasted live on the Italian Parliamentís television, adopted a resolution in which it calls on the Italian government to formally recognize the POLISARIO Frontís representation as an official diplomatic mission.

The Italian government was represented by the Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs, Ugo Intini, during the adoption of this resolution that strongly supported the Saharawi peopleís right to self-determination.

The debate on the issue of Western Sahara was marked by the intervention of representatives of the different Italian political parties, who declared full support to the respect of the international law in the decolonization of the last colony in Africa.

The text recalled the long suffering of the Saharawi people under occupation, and called on the government to double efforts so as to push towards a just, lasting and fair settlement of the conflict within the framework of the UN.

It also called on the government to oppose any attempt to legitimise the illegal occupation of Western Sahara, stressing on rejecting any solution that does not respect the right of the Saharawi people right to self-determination.

The resolution further called on the government to assist the Saharawi people in the refugee camps and in the occupied territories.

Polisario Front was constituted in 1973. It started armed struggle against Spain, then against Morocco and Mauritania from 1975 to 1991.

Mauritania pulled out of the territory and gave up all claims of sovereignty over Western Sahara, while morocco is still occupying