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Malainin Lakhal: Morocco is systematically violating Saharawi people rights
04/06/2007- Special Envoy



Malainin Lakhal in Radio Melbourne with Jan Bartlett

The Secretary General of the Saharawi Union of Journalists and Writers (UPES), Malainin Lakhal, declared on Monday that the Moroccan State is systematically violating Saharawi people rights, during a radio interview with “Radio Melbourne”.

Hosted by Mrs. Jan Bartlett, the Saharawi activist who is undertaking a two months speaking tour in Australia, told the Australian audience his personal story with the Moroccan occupation, and indicated that the situation of the human rights in the occupied territories of Western Sahara has seriously deteriorated since the Moroccan occupation of the territory in 1975.

“Arrests, illegal imprisonments and disappearance, torture in the middle of the streets, in police stations and in detention camps, families are attacked by police in their houses”, Malainin said, asserting to the Australian broadcaster that this is the daily life of the Saharawi people under occupation.

Concerning the Saharawi youth, he stressed that the Moroccan authorities are especially targeting women, students and human rights activists.

“in 1987 the Moroccan regime forced some 10 thousand Saharawi young man and woman to abandon their studies and deported them to the Moroccan cities to work”, he indicated.

“More than 300 hundreds of them disappeared, some for 4 years”, he stressed, considering that the Moroccan State “always attack the Saharawi students in periods of examinations for purpose”. Morocco do not wants educated Saharawis, because knowledge scares colonialism.

The Secretary General of the Saharawi Union of Journalists and Writers (UPES), Malainin Lakhal, started a two month speaking tour in Australia, following an invitation from the Australia Western Sahara Association (AWSA).

The tour aims to raise awareness among the Australian public opinion and civil society about the Saharawi cause and the flagrant human rights abuses committed.

In the evening a diner was organised by the members of the Australian Western Sahara Association on the honour of their guest, with the presence of some members of the organisation and friends of the Saharawi cause.

Malainin will meet with Parliamentarians, civil society actors, Trade Unionists, journalists, professors and students of universities, according to the open programme established by AWSA.