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Constitution of a Committee of solidarity with Western Sahara in Moscow



Presidum of the Conference

A Russian Committee for solidarity with he Saharawi people was constituted Friday in Moscow after an important conference organised in support to the Saharawi struggle in the occupied territories of Western Sahara.

The Saharawi representation on the ground indicated that Russian Parliamentarian, Mr. Oleg Chein, was elected Head of this new Committee that was formed by many politicians, eminent professors in universities such as the University Of Governmental Friendship, University of Informatics and Communication, University of International Relations, the Centre for Orientalism, and the Academy of International Sciences specialised in the National Security.

According to the final communiqué culminating the act of constitution, this Committee will “enlighten the Russian public opinion about the justice of the struggle of the people of Western Sahara and give the real image about the sufferings to which the Saharawi people is subjected for the last 30 years because of the Moroccan occupation, and about the human rights violations in the occupied zones of Western Sahara committed by the Moroccan police and agents”.

The members of the new Committee solemnly declared in their final communiqué that they, “citizens of the Federal Russia, from different nationalities and specialities”, stress that “all peoples have got the right to constitute their own independent States and live in dignity, and thus we recognise this right to the Saharawi people and declare our complete support to their legitimate and noble claims”.

They also expressed their faith in the success of the Saharawi people aims and declared they will cooperate and assist them to reach the noble goal they appointed to reach with peaceful and civilised means.