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Moroccan colonial authorities forcibly expulssed Aminatou Haidar to Spain




The Moroccan colonial authorities in Western Sahara forcibly expulsed today, Ms. Aminatou aidar, the famous human rights activist, from El Aaiun Airport (Western Sahara) to Lazarote (Spain).

On a first act of protest, the Saharawi activist, refused to get out of the plane, until the Spanish police convinced her to do that, and she declared that she is willing to take the next plane going to Western Sahara.

The human rights activist has been arrested and detained for 24 hours by the Moroccan police upon her return from the US to her homeland. International organisations already started protesting the arrest.

The Moroccan authorities arrested her because she refuses to say that she is Moroccan, knowing that the UN and the international community recognise the status of Western Sahara as the last colony in Africa, and recognise to the Saharawi people their right to self-determination.

Observers say that this new act of Moroccan escalation of repression and intimidations against the Saharawi people and activists, comes within the framework of the clear position declared by the Moroccan king in his last speech last November the 6th, in which he says that the only option for anyone who is under Moroccan control is “to be Moroccan”.

In their argumentation of the reasons behind the arrest, the Moroccan official press agency, MAP, that the activist was arrested “for failing to abide by police formalities”.

Aminatou, according to the same source “refused, upon her arrival at the airport, to provide information on her identity, residence and nationality, as required in the international regulations”, knowing that this is not the first time that she do that telling the police that she will leave the place dedicated to nationality empty until the organisation of a referendum in Western Sahara.