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Polisario representative in Australia animates talks and lectures in Australian universities and Medias




Polisario Front’s representative in Australia and New Zealand, Kamal Fadel, animated few lectures and interviews in Australian universities and Medias on the occasion of the 36th anniversary of the foundation of Polisario and the beginning of the struggle for freedom and independence in Western Sahara.

Polisario Representative, also Ambassador to East Timor, undertook these activities on 19, 20 and 21 May to celebrate this important occasion and also to raise awareness about the Saharawi cause in Australia.

Talks at Sydney University

In this respect, he gave three talks at the University of Sydney: two talks at the Faculty of Arts and one talk at the School of Philosophical and Historical Enquiry. The University of Sydney is the oldest university in Australia. It was established in Sydney in 1850. It is a member of Australia’s "Group of Eight" universities that are highly ranked in terms of their research performance.

The title of the talks at the Faculty of Arts at the University of Sydney was: Western Sahara: Decolonization and Self-Determination. The title of the talk given at the School of Philosophical and Historical Enquiry was: Western Sahara: Africa’s last colony.

During the talks, the Mr. Kamal examined one of the UN’s less publicized but most significant failures: the decolonization of Western Sahara. He underlined that both East Timor and Western Sahara were abandoned by their former colonial occupiers and occupied by neighbouring countries, but while East Timor has gained its independence, Western Sahara is still on the UN’s list of non-self-governing territories waiting for the right to self-determination.

The Polisario Representative highlighted the abhorrent human rights abuses committed by the Moroccan regime in Western Sahara and the failure of the UN Security Council to include in the mandate of the UN mission in Western Sahara (MINURSO) the monitoring of human rights due to France’s objection and threat to use its veto power.

Kamal also drew attention to the illegal exploitation of Western Sahara resources and the involvement of Australian companies in the illegal importation of phosphate from Western Sahara through Morocco.

The discussion that followed the talks focused on the lack of enforceability of UN resolutions relating to the peace agreements and the lack of political will of member states due to competing national interests and priorities as impediments to ending Morocco’s illegal occupation of Western Sahara.

Marrickville Matters magazine

The Saharawi diplomat was interviewed by Marrickville Matters magazine in its edition of May 2009 (See article attached). The Magazine is published by Marrickville Council.

Marrickville has a vibrant, ethnically diverse population of approximately 75,000 residents with people from more than 100 different cultures, speaking more than 70 different languages.

Interview with ABC National Radio

The Saharawi Ambassador was finally interviewed by ABC National Radio ( on 21st May, for its news program and also for its “Out of Africa” program to be aired on Sunday 24th of May 2009.