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Two Saharawi students murdered four injured and three arrested in Agadir




Two Saharawi students were murdered, four injured and three others arrested by the Moroccan authorities after a peaceful sit-in Saharawi students organised at a bus station in the Moroccan city of Agadir, human rights organisations in Western Sahara reported.

The Saharawi young students, Baba Abdelaziz Khaya, (22) and Lheussein Abdsadek Lakteif, (20) were killed by a Moroccan bus that drove right on them and a group of other Saharawi students during the intervention of the Moroccan authorities who violently attacked the demonstrators to break the sit-in.

The Bus, matriculated B-A 6687 drove fast towards the demonstrators to kill the two students, injured three others, namely Abouh Alkharachi who is seriously wounded and is now in coma in a hospital in the city, in addition to Ismaaili Bachri, El Qadi Mbarek and Abdslam Chtouki.

On the other hand, three Saharawi students were arrested during the Moroccan police intervention against the demonstrators. The students are: Breiha El Hadef, El Asla Ahmed Salem and Mustapha Ben Taleb.

The Saharawi students were protesting against the bus company, which did not respect its engagements with them to provide sufficient seats for the students who have to travel to their hometowns for the iid El adha.

This is not the first time that the Moroccan authorities commit murder against Saharawi demonstrators and innocent citizens during their interventions. 7 Saharawis at least were killed before, since 2005.

Three old Saharawis, namely Laamar Sidi Brahim, Taleb Oul Ali Menna and Mohamed Lehsen Sidi Brahim were killed when a Moroccan military truck drove on them in the occupied city of Dakhla.

In 2005 too, the Saharawi young martyrs, Lembarki Hamdi and Likhlifi Abba Cheikh were murdered by Moroccan police, the first killed in October 30 under torture in the middle of the street in the occupied city of El Aaiun, the second killed in December 3 by a Moroccan police agents in the city of Tan Tan.

In 2007, Dada Ali Ould Hamma Ould Nafaa, died in a clinic in Agadir of a cronic decease after he was denied the right to medical care for a long time.

In September 2007 the young Saharawi, Sidha Ould Abdelaziz Ould Lehbib, died in a car that was transporting him to a psychiatric centre in Agadir, because of the "savage torture" the Moroccan authorities inflicted him, it should be recalled.