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Moroccan authorities arrest 5 persons and ransacked some houses in Sidi Ifni




Moroccan military forces in Sidi Ifni arrested five citizens after the confrontations that took place in the city these last two months between the citizens and the authorities, it was indicated by concordant sources on the ground.

The arrested citizens are, the Councillor to the municipality, Abdelmalik Idrissi, the member of the Moroccan association ATTAC, Hassan Aghrbi, a cyber-cafe owner, Hassan Tizghagine, in addition to Houceine Tizghagine and Aziz Amhil.

Many houses were ransacked and goods destroyed by the Moroccan forces of security, the same sources indicated.

This attack was perpetrated few hours before the visit of a Moroccan ministerial delegation to investigate on the serious situation of the city after the events of June in Sidi Ifni.

It should be recalled that the Moroccan forces attacked demonstrators in the city in June, and many times after, causing a lot of wounded, 8 persons killed according to some sources, and an unstable situation in the city since then.